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Air Duct Cleaning: Commercial and Residential Cleaning in Lancaster, TX

Lavender Care in Lancaster, Texas offers a wide array of indoor commercial & residential cleaning services. Our expert cleaning personnel can also get rid of the accumulated dirt on dryer vents and air ducts. You can rely on our expertise to maintain the comfort and the healthy environment of your home. Dial (972) 441-4049, Lancaster, Texas now.

We are dedicated in bringing you these services at reasonable prices:

Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services Lancaster, TX

Air Duct/Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

HVAC systems have air ducts installed throughout a structure that supply conditioned air through outlet vents. Air ducts accumulate dirt and dust over time contributing to the indoor air pollution. Dust, pollen, mold spores and dust mites can cause severe skin and respiratory problems when they are left untouched.
Dryer Vents are drain pipes of tumble drying machines. Gradually, it accumulates lint from clothes and becomes obstructed. As the dryer duct pipe becomes obstructed, drying time takes longer and causes the dryer to overheat and waste energy. It may also lead to a fire in extreme cases.
Help improve the air quality inside your home with the best air duct cleaning and vent cleaning services. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to remove dirt and debris out from air ducts and dryer vents to improve your HVAC and Dryer’s efficiency and lifespan. It also ensures your family’s health by removing possible hiding places of bacteria, viruses and molds.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Make your favourite chair, loveseat, couch and carpets look like new with our upholstery and carpet cleaning service. Our experienced cleaners surely know how to take care of your furniture the way you want it. We expertly remove stains, dirt and grime with strictest standards.
Having your carpets cleaned helps strengthen the upholstery fabric while removing microbes that could harm your family’s health. Call (972) 441-4049 today and let us restore the beauty and comfort of your upholstery and carpets.

Tile Cleaning

Cleaning your bathroom tiles could be a very difficult task especially when stubborn mold and mildew have settled deep between the tiles. Grime gives an unsightly appearance and even foul smell in your bathroom.

We at Lavender Care can help you sanitize your bathroom. Our proven methods of tile cleaning make your bathroom gleam with cleanliness. With our services, you will definitely enjoy the comfort you home brings!

Floor Waxing

Floor waxing is a great way to help resist dirt and moisture accumulation on the floor. However, the wax wears out gradually making the floor vulnerable to dirt and dust. Floor maintenance needs regular waxing and polishing to get the protection it needs while giving the floor its clean and attractive appearance.

Floor cleaning, waxing and polishing can take precious time from you. Doing all the manual floor maintenance requires painstaking effort and missing on a spot could be very disappointing. Let our expertise save you time and money with our full-service floor maintenance. We do cleaning, waxing and polishing while you do more important things.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage could be one of the costliest damages your home could acquire. Not only it destroys your home’s structures, it also destroys furniture, fixtures and everything that gets soaked in water.

Water damage restoration is the process of restoring a property back to its pre-damaged condition. We base our restoration service according to set standards. Our wide experience on this field made us the most trusted full-service company in Houston, Texas. With Lavender Care, you can get the best water damage restoration service at reasonable rates.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our expert cleaners understand that carpet cleaning can be a difficult task. Likewise, the longer the stain remains in the carpet, the higher the chance of permanent color change. This makes manual carpet cleaning more laborious. Lavender Care makes your life easier because we specialize in carpet stain and dirt removal. Our years of extensive practice enabled us to develop a process of removing stubborn stains and grime. You can rely on us to take care of your upholstery and carpets and restore them to look like new.

We guarantee that our services are completed in time for your convenience!

At Lavender Care, we take cleaning to a higher level. Our services can bring the shine back to your living room, bathroom and kitchen. We have the knowledge, tools and experience to handle all the aspects of making your homes clean including vacuum cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning and floor restoration. We also serve Lancaster, surrounding areas.

• Molds, Dirt &Grime Removal…and more!
• Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning.
• Upholstery cleaning
• Area Rug Cleaning
• Air Ducts Cleaning
• Tile And Grout Cleaning
• Water Damage Restoration
• Fire Damage Restoration
• Pet Stain And Odor Removal
• Water Extraction
• Mold Protection & Removal
• Pet Odor Protection & Removal
• Pre-spot removal
• Sanitizing

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