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Tile and Grout Cleaning Process
Ever notice how the grout in between your tiles seems to get darker over time? That’s because it’s slowly absorbing dirt and grime causing discoloration. Lavender care offers the best in tile and grout cleaning using cutting edge technologies that eliminate dirt and discoloration. Using a state-of-the-art steam cleaning process and a special grout brush, our technicians expertly remove hard-to-clean grime and dirt.
Seal and Protect Your Grout
After your ceramic tile countertops and flooring is thoroughly cleaned by Lavender care technicians, protect your investment by having your grout sealed. This grout and tile sealing process can extend the life of your ceramic tile and maintain its luster longer than a normal cleaning treatment.
Kitchen and Bathroom Restoration
Whether your bathroom tile or kitchen tile is too worn or cracked or suffered damage due to fire or weather, rely on our experts at Lavender care for your kitchen and bathroom restoration. You can always count on Lavender care for excellent results.

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